Corporate social responsibility E-PLUS CARES

  • CSR United Buddy Bears

    Under this motto, the UNITED BUDDY BEARS promote living together in peace and harmony on their global tour. Around 140 Buddy Bears (each 2 m tall) represent as many countries recognised by the United Nations.

    Since the first exhibition in Berlin in 2002, more than 40 million visitors world-wide have been able to admire the United Buddy Bears.

    Art and Culture: Each Buddy Bear shows the individual design created by different artists on behalf of their native countries. The international artists’ different styles are joined together in one work of art, spreading zest for life. The diverse design of the Buddy Bears – always typical for the respective countries – enables the visitors to experience a journey around the globe.

    The Message: The Buddy Bears stand together “hand in hand”, symbolising the future vision of a peaceful world. Each bear stands for the people of the different countries and their culture, yet not for political systems.

    Charity: Buddy Bear activities and aid for children in need have formed an inseparable unit. To date, € 2,270,000 (November 2017) have been raised through donations and auctions in aid of UNICEF and local children’s relief organisations.

  • CSR Melaka Art & Performance Festival (MAPFEST)

    E-Plus has embraced its role as a leading benefactor of the arts in Malaysia by creating, supporting and providing accessible platforms for arts in new innovative ways for society to appreciate rich and relevant cultural experiences.

    The Melaka Art and Performance Festival, the world’s largest site-specific art and performance art festival held on a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a programme that was incepted by the company in 2009. Co-founded by E-Plus Global’s CEO, Andrew Ching and reknowned Australia artist, Tony Yap, the festival is one of the pioneer art festivals in Malaysia which have showcased hundreds of artists from all over the world.

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