Andrew Ching

Andrew Ching

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer


Andrew Ching graduated from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia with a double Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Human Resource Management, and has since acquired more than 20 years of experience in the field of events management.


He founded E-Plus Entertainment Productions in 2004, providing both local and international clients with a host of services ranging from design and production to media planning and communications.


His love and gratitude to his home state of Melaka has led to him to organise the immensely popular Melaka Art & Performance Festival, which is regarded as the world’s largest independent site-specific arts festival. His contributions to society and leadership to the company have been recognised, as evidenced by the “Prestigious Entrepreneur” and the “Prestigious Personal Improvement or Accomplishment” accolades at the 21st Century The Prestigious Brand Award 2015.