OPPO Malaysia Calling All to Share Your Love in Ramadhan Month

OPPO Malaysia Calling All to Share Your Love in Ramadhan Month

Kuala Lumpur, 22 June 2015 – In the spirit of giving back to local community, OPPO Smartphone is calling everyone to do good deeds during this fasting month by joining OPPO Malaysia team in “SHARE YOUR LOVE & RAIKAN KASIH SAYANG” campaign. This campaign is aimed to share affection to the children, especially in supporting Muslim children on the practice of self-restraint during fasting month. Above all, this allows them to stay positive and cheerful for the coming Raya.

OPPO Malaysia believes that philanthropy comes from the heart, as a brand that has been receiving favorable responses among Malaysian community with the existence of only 16 months, OPPO Malaysia would like to again, give back to the society on behalf of our end users and Ofans. And this time, OPPO Malaysia is partnering with Food Aid Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization that operates as a food-bank with the primary objective of providing basic food to charitable homes, rehabilitation centers, and poor families.

To join this campaign, one may choose to contribute via online or offline. For those who choose to support our campaign via online, this is how it works – For EACH ‘Like’ we collected on the “Share your love” post on OPPO Malaysia Facebook page, OPPO Malaysia will donate RM0.10 to Rumah Safiyyah later in the form of tangible goods (Consumable goods, stationaries and others).

As for offline, OPPO is currently recruiting volunteers to join the OPPO team in visiting Rumah Safiyyah with purchased goods and donation, and have a series of activities with the children (such as greeting the kids, cleaning the place, and interacting with the kids via games or educational activities).

  • Like and share post

Every like of the post, OPPO Malaysia will donate RM0.10 to orphanage. At the same time, recruits Ofans to become volunteers for event at 4th July 2015.

  • Post duration

Donation period:

22nd June – 28th June 2015. OPPO Malaysia Facebook will announce on 29th Jun 2015 the amount of donation to the respective foundation.

  • Donation

Amount will be given to our NGO partner, Food Aid Foundation to purchase necessary goods for orphanage

  • Volunteers Recruitment

Recruitment will start from today and to close registration by 2nd July 2015

In OPPO, we believe corporate social responsibility is the core foundation of an organization, a duty that ingrained deep enough it evolves around corporate culture and strategy. I’m pleased to initiate this campaign and have a chance to celebrate the Muslims in Malaysia who believe in doing good deeds during fasting month,” said William Fang, Executive Chief Officer, OPPO Malaysia.

We would like to carry out a CSR campaign that involves more than monetary donation, but collecting sincerities and goods, which involves being there with the children and have activities together. In the hope that we could represent our end users and Ofans to give back to the society, we are hoping to get a very good number of ‘Like’s and ‘Share’s on Facebook on this campaign.” said Chen Lu, Branding Manager, OPPO Malaysia.

‘Pertubuhan Pengurusan Rumah Safiyyah’ is a non-governmental organization that offers volunteer, charity and shelter for the less fortunate women and children in Klang Valley.  ‘Pertubuhan Pengurusan Rumah Safiyyah’ aims to impart school education to the children who resides in the outskirts of the city and have financial difficulties in accessing to education. ‘Pertubuhan Pengurusan Rumah Safiyyah’ run proper children home with good facilities and children programs. Over the years we have been running the operation of our Home without any sponsors or funds from any organization or the government.

Meanwhile, we would like to call everyone to share your kindness to donate goods as listed down below for the kids at Rumah Safiyyah:

  1. Hair Shampoos
  2. Shower Creams
  3. Tooth Brushes
  4. Toothpastes
  5. Diapers (L & XL)
  6. Washing Detergents
  7. Lice Medication
  8. Fitted bedsheets and pillow cases (BLUE for the boys and PINK for the girls)

If you have any queries or you wish to know further about SHARE YOUR LOVE & RAIKAN KASIH SAYANG campaign, feel free to contact us at 03-79541969 Ext. 832 / 839 / 822.

For more information, kindly log on to or contact

OPPO Malaysia official Facebook                  : https://www.facebook.com/malaysiaoppo

OPPO Malaysia HQ                                         : 03-79541969 Ext. 832 / 839 / 822


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