#SupermotoAsia | Kiyoshi Saai Claims Glory in Serdang

#SupermotoAsia | Kiyoshi Saai Claims Glory in Serdang

    • British rider Lewis Cornish loses his winning streak after a mishap in Moto 2.
    •  Kiyoshi Saai takes the gold while Thailand’s Trakarn Thangthong takes the silver.
    • Malaysia’s local hero Mohd Habbibullah Mohd Salleh aka Gabit brings pride to hometown fans after a hard fight in Moto 2

Kuala Lumpur, 7 June 2015 – The second round of the 2015 FIM Asia Supermoto Championship has concluded today at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park (MAEPS), Serdang, just a day after its opening round in the same venue. The weekend saw over 47,000 race fans showing up at Malaysia’s biggest agro park to watch the best riders from all around the region battle it out. Japanese Rider Kiyoshi Saai took the Gold with 45 points while Thailand’s Trakarn Thangthong came in second with 44 points. Lewis Cornish continued his winning ways in Moto 1 but lost his streak in Moto 2 due to a mishap, giving him the third spot on the podium with 41 points.

Kiyoshi Saai finished third in Moto 1 but took full advantage of Cornish’s accident in Moto 2 to finish first. “I’m really happy with my performance today and couldn’t be more excited. I really enjoyed today’s race. It was a very difficult and slippery track but I still had fun. I’m looking forward to the next round in Thailand and will be definitely looking for another win!”

Trakarn Thangthong remained consistent throughout the day, finishing second in both Moto 1 and Moto 2.  “The reverse grid start in Moto 2 made things more difficult and Kiyoshi also had a bit more luck than I had today, but nevertheless I’m still very happy with winning second place. I’m having very high hopes for the next round as I’ll be racing in my home country and many of my fans will be coming to see me.”

Lewis Cornish remained dominant from yesterday’s round, scoring the pole position during the qualifying round and finishing first in Moto 1 with a strong lead from start to finish. The British rider suffered a fall in the first lap of Moto 2 and was set further back after another mishap midway through the race, causing him to finish fifth, thus placing him third on the podium.  “Things went a lot better yesterday. I won all my races yesterday but not today. In the first lap of the second race, I went into the first corner really hard and the rider in front of me must have braked a little earlier so I hit his back. It’s a normal racing problem and these things happen, so it’s no one’s fault really. Halfway through the race I had another tangle in the off-road section and ended up dropping further down into fifth place. But overall I’m still happy with the results, I can’t complain too much.”

Malaysia’s local hero Mohd Habbibullah Mohd Salleh aka Gabit had the weather on his side today and was seemingly performing better.  The Malaysian rider finished fourth in Moto 1 and finished third in Moto 2 after putting up a strong fight, thus finishing fourth overall with a total of 38 points. He was also crowned victor in the Open Category of the Malaysian Supermoto Championship today. “I was very determined to fight hard in Moto 2 to catch up on points. Hopefully I’ll be able to perform better in the next round at Bangkok. We had some setbacks yesterday as it rained and we weren’t prepared with wet tyres, so hopefully our team will be better prepared in the future rounds.”

Round 3 of the championship will take place in Bangkok, Thailand on July 26th 2015.

Round 2 – 2015 FIM Asia Supermoto Championship Top 5 Results

  1. Kiyoshi Saai (Japan) – 45 points
  2. Trakarn Thangthong (Thailand) – 44 points
  3. Lewis Cornish (United Kingdom) – 41 points
  4. Mohd Habbibullah Mohd Salleh (Malaysia) – 38 points
  5. Mohammad Khairi Zakaria (Malaysia) – 34 points


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